Remodelling family gold into a unique engagement ring surprise

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We were thrilled to be able to help Arun turn his family’s 22 carat gold into a unique engagement ring for his future wife Sadie. By using a traditional casting technique and a design she loved, Sadie received a very special surprise!   “It’s absolutely beautiful and I love it so much. It feels very unique

Guy’s remodelled pearl ring


Guy wanted a beautiful old pearl ring re-fashioned, with a much “chunkier” feel and with a predominantly silver look, to go with the rest of his Ana Verdun rings. By melting down and using the exact same gold from the original ring, Ana embellished the silver body to dramatic effect.

Handmade? It’s unlikely


Top 5 Questions to ask before your hard-earned cash for (potentially) dressed up imports! With the growing popularity of boutique brands, many proudly brandishing their “Handmade in the UK” credentials, there’s a steady supply of locally-produced gifts to choose from for Christmas. But are they as home-grown as they claim to be? Ana elaborates: “As

Summer Photo Shoot


One of the joys of running a designer jewellery brand is having the chance to work with some fantastically talented professionals! I’m truly grateful for the hard work and support of Greta (model), Monica (make-up) and Deborah (photos) whose efforts produced some beautiful shots on Saturday. The finished articles will soon be appearing throughout our

May the month of flowers


Some traditions call May “The month of flowers” making May a celebrated month; and with spring in full bloom with the city parks, garden centres, private gardens and florists relishing in the abundance of beautiful flowers. And as lifelong admirers of beautiful flowers here at Ana Verdun London, we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate May